Features Of A Good CMMS Maintenance System

The task of maintenance managers is proper maintenance of equipment and facilities. Organizations with a lot of maintenance work can be overwhelming without the use of a CMMS program.
CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. It is a software that helps support teams organize maintenance operations, track problems, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Planning is the key to successful maintenance management, and CMMS software helps you stay organized by keeping track of your assets, such as spare parts and machinery.

Below are important features of CMMS maintenance software.

Features Of A CMMS

Ability To Track Work Orderworker

A great feature is a capability to track work orders. When generating many work orders, it is easy to miss some. This feature allows you to monitor their development every step of the way. The CMMS system ensures the performance of tasks. If something goes wrong, maintenance managers can go back and determine who was in charge and what they did. So being able to track outstanding work orders and complete or close them adds a lot of value.

Task Templates For Reusable Maintenance Jobs

CMMS allow you to create consistent work templates that can be utilized to create work orders for commonly occurring jobs. Maintenance managers can create reusable task templates and easily create work orders for frequently occurring jobs. Templates reduce the time spent entering instructions for work orders.
A task template will enable new technicians who are not accustomed to the work to get up to speed quickly. This template ensures that the work is done correctly and prevent equipment breakdown. Simply put, CMMS software enables you to capture the knowledge of your best and most experienced maintenance technicians and store it in your system so that it’s available for everyone in your organization to use.

Generate Equipment Breakdown Reports

A small subset of material causes an organization’s maintenance problems and emergencies. Accessing equipment failure reports and viewing historical records of equipment issues and statistics can help maintenance managers identify problem equipment and replace it. These reports will reduce equipment failure and enable your organization to save time and money.

Give Maintenance Technicians Quick And Easy Access

If you have several maintenance technicians who move around a lot, it can be quite challenging to keep them to date regarding open work orders assigned to them. More progressive CMMS software will also allow technicians to update work orders. For instance, a web-based CMMS software system enables maintenance technicians to access the system anytime, anywhere via a desktop computer. Using a web-based system, maintenance technicians can also close work orders from a desktop computer or mobile device. This easier access makes a maintenance manager’s task easier because he or she doesn’t have to follow after technicians to see if they have accomplished work orders.

Share Statistics With Management

Ability to adminStatisticsister statistics that are easy to comprehend will assist management to understand the state of the maintenance program and what it needs to change. Significant statistics that higher management can know if there is anything they can act on. Make it easier for upper management to keep track of maintenance operations by sharing statistics with them via a CMMS reporting module. Relevant statistics that upper management will want to keep track of include; machine downtime, pending work orders, planned/preventive maintenance, and more. Such reports help the management team understand the state of your maintenance program and identify areas for improvement.

Audit Spares Parts and Consumables Usage

The software allows you to link parts and supplies with work, tracking expenditure as they are used up. They also offer assistance in creating and managing purchase order requests. The biggest cause of maintenance program overheads is supplies and parts. Ability to keep track, knowing how much you have available is very worthwhile to help moderate waste.…