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Features Of A Good CMMS Maintenance System

The task of maintenance managers is proper maintenance of equipment and facilities. Organizations with a lot of maintenance work can be overwhelming without the use of a CMMS program.
CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. It is a software that helps support teams organize maintenance operations, track problems, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Planning is the key to successful maintenance management, and CMMS software helps you stay organized by keeping track of your assets, such as spare parts and machinery.

Below are important features of CMMS maintenance software.

Features Of A CMMS

Ability To Track Work Orderworker

A great feature is a capability to track work orders. When generating many work orders, it is easy to miss some. This feature allows you to monitor their development every step of the way. The CMMS system ensures the performance of tasks. If something goes wrong, maintenance managers can go back and determine who was in charge and what they did. So being able to track outstanding work orders and complete or close them adds a lot of value.

Task Templates For Reusable Maintenance Jobs

CMMS allow you to create consistent work templates that can be utilized to create work orders for commonly occurring jobs. Maintenance managers can create reusable task templates and easily create work orders for frequently occurring jobs. Templates reduce the time spent entering instructions for work orders.
A task template will enable new technicians who are not accustomed to the work to get up to speed quickly. This template ensures that the work is done correctly and prevent equipment breakdown. Simply put, CMMS software enables you to capture the knowledge of your best and most experienced maintenance technicians and store it in your system so that it’s available for everyone in your organization to use.

Generate Equipment Breakdown Reports

A small subset of material causes an organization’s maintenance problems and emergencies. Accessing equipment failure reports and viewing historical records of equipment issues and statistics can help maintenance managers identify problem equipment and replace it. These reports will reduce equipment failure and enable your organization to save time and money.

Give Maintenance Technicians Quick And Easy Access

If you have several maintenance technicians who move around a lot, it can be quite challenging to keep them to date regarding open work orders assigned to them. More progressive CMMS software will also allow technicians to update work orders. For instance, a web-based CMMS software system enables maintenance technicians to access the system anytime, anywhere via a desktop computer. Using a web-based system, maintenance technicians can also close work orders from a desktop computer or mobile device. This easier access makes a maintenance manager’s task easier because he or she doesn’t have to follow after technicians to see if they have accomplished work orders.

Share Statistics With Management

Ability to adminStatisticsister statistics that are easy to comprehend will assist management to understand the state of the maintenance program and what it needs to change. Significant statistics that higher management can know if there is anything they can act on. Make it easier for upper management to keep track of maintenance operations by sharing statistics with them via a CMMS reporting module. Relevant statistics that upper management will want to keep track of include; machine downtime, pending work orders, planned/preventive maintenance, and more. Such reports help the management team understand the state of your maintenance program and identify areas for improvement.

Audit Spares Parts and Consumables Usage

The software allows you to link parts and supplies with work, tracking expenditure as they are used up. They also offer assistance in creating and managing purchase order requests. The biggest cause of maintenance program overheads is supplies and parts. Ability to keep track, knowing how much you have available is very worthwhile to help moderate waste.…

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Why Sales People Need CRM

CRM is an important software used by a business that wants to improve the way they do business. This stands for customer relationship management, and this is to show that the customer is usually the main focus on this case. Salespeople need to keep communication with customers at all times, and this is the reason why Salesforce CRM is an important feature to them. Apart from sales people, there all departments can benefit from the system to make it easier for them to achieve customer satisfaction.

The importance of CRM for salespeople?

Better keeping of recordsCRW

Good record keeping is one aspect of CRM that is a great benefit for sales people. For sale people, they can use the software to keep a record on all their clients, their schedules and other important aspects of the customer.

This is an online method of storing information, so you don’t have to worry about losing the information that has been stored. You can always get personal information of their customer including contact information and another type of information.

Real-time information

If you want real-time information on sales, the best way is to make use of the CRM software. CRM is a system that works in real-time to link all the people that are connected to the software. For instance for sales people, if a customer places an order on a certain type of product, the salespeople will be able to follow it up until the goods have been delivered to the customer.

It is easier to monitor the progress of the product whether it is in the production stage and whether it is in the storage stage. This makes it easier for the salespeople to serve the customer effectively.

Manage salesManage sales

Managing sales are one of the important functions of a CRM system. Using the system, it becomes easier to manage the sales orders from the different customers. This is important especially in cases where there is a rise in demand for your goods.

At this time, it is possible to classify the customer needs according to propriety and requirements. The result of this is that at the end of the day all the customers are satisfied by the type of service that you offer them. It reduces complaints from customers as a result of unfulfilled orders.…

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Security Breaches Affecting Online Businesses

As the online world grows and businesses increasingly make use of the Internet in their operations, it is more important than ever that preventative measures are taken in the realm of information security. Our guide takes you through some key ways of doing this. One important measure is to have a policy about information security. This will ensure that all employees will know what is expected of them and it can help to develop a plan in case there ever is a breach of information security.

General information

Physical access

Physical accessThis could happen if an enabled device is stolen. This would allow the hacker to use the automatic log-in stored in the machine. If the device doesn’t have auto log, then the password files could potentially be compromised.

Information passing: A hacker could potentially get access by talking to one of your company employees…or more likely, a disgruntled former employee. This method has become a more common practice I the past few years.

System flaws

Exploiting bugs and flaws in the system has long been a favorite of many hackers. Mainly because many find updating, and upgrades are time-consuming hassle. Software, firmware, and security certificates are all targets, and once an exploit is noted by a hacker, it gets passed around quickly.


Computer hacking is simultaneously an art and science, for the people who make an effort to crack into shielded or unprotected systems. It is also considered to be art, as it involves creativity which is equivalent to the painting of a gorgeous landscape, and science because of its technical factors. People practicing unethical hacking, generally tend to take private information, modify a corporation’s economic data, bust security codes to gain illegal system access, or carry out additional harmful actions. There are two kinds of people who indulge in computer hacking, specifically people who acquire an interest in computer hacking because of basic intellectual curiosity and others with less respectable motives.


This is all well and good. However, Trojans are types of programs that do things the computer operator finds productive or fun. Trojans could be a game or some other type of computer software. The problem is as the business uses this software he is setting loose a virus on his computer. So much for the simple rule, “never open e-mail attachments.”

These Trojans and viruses can be used just as a way to disable your computer and ruin your hard drive. The possibility can’t be overlooked that cyber-terrorist could use Trojans in this way. The way they are being used most these days, however, is to discover things about the computer owner, like maybe very personal information. Can you say online banking?


laptopKeyloggers are also used to gather business information. As the name implies, a keylogger will log every stroke on your keyboard. Therefore, since other spyware and Adware associated with the keylogger will know what site you’re on, it will find out what password you used to get into the site. With a little bit of imagination, you could figure out a lot of underhanded ways a keylogger could be doing you harm.…

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Guide To Unlocking iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Most iPhones are typically purchased from a particular carrier and locked to a specific network. Thus one is limited to the usage of the device and can only use it on the specific carriers sim card. This brings a challenge to the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus owner especially if they want to switch carriers due to different reasons like travel or just requiring a different carrier service. However, this situation would be different if one unlocked their iPhone 7 or 7 Plus device. It is, therefore, important to unlock the iPhone to get the required service. The question arises on what steps can one take to unlock their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Below is a guide to unlocking iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Unlocking iPhone 7 and 7 PlusiPhone user

There are three methods that one can use to unlock their iPhone 7 or 7 Plus device. Of the three only one is recommended and reliable. Below is are the said methods.

Software Unlock Method

This method was discovered and used to unlock iPhones after the release of the iPhone 3G. People noticed a loophole in the iPhones hardware that allowed the user to manipulate it and switch to the carrier choice they preferred. However, Apple discovered this glitch and rectified it. Thus iPhones that have been manufactured recently are not able to be unlocked by this method. If a person is offered this method as an alternative to unlocking their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, they should be cautious.

Hardware Unlock Method

This is another unlocking alternative. The process involves taking your phone to a phone repair shop, where the attendant will physically work on doing changes on the hardware of the iPhone. This method is considered to affect the warranty of the device and can lead to one lossing it. It is also considered as a dangerous and an ineffective method as it may reduce the effeciency and iPhone usage. Futhermore, it only has an effective rate of less than 30 percent. It is thus not a recommended alternative to unlock your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

IMEI Unlock Method

IMEI Unlock MethodThis is the most effective technique used to unlock ones iPhone 7 and 7 Plus mobile device. It is also know as factory unlock. Every phone has a unique IMEI code. The process involves changing ones status from locked to unlocked. There are different ways to unlock depending on where one lives and the mobile provider. Once one has unlocked there device they can now proceed to using the carrier they intended to use.…

Z-wave controller

Best Z-Wave Controller

Technology is ever-evolving. Home automation technologies have been improving within no time, and the number and variety of home automation devices in the market is growing too fast. The best z wave controller is among the latest innovation in home monitoring and control. Z-wave controllers handle factors such as lighting, home temperature, appliances, security system, and much more.

If you are searching for a controller to operate all your fancy “smart home” products, then you should give Z-Wave Controllers a closer look. With the many varieties available in the market, you should be careful when making your purchase decision. You need to do a lot of research. But why should you do the research while I have already done it for you? In this post, I, therefore, share the Samsung SmartThings Hub as the best Z-wave controller.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

This product is easy to install and can connect all your sSamsung SmartThings Hubmart devices or home sensors. To connect, you just plug the hub and then connect the provided cable to (Ethernet) your router. The app will recognize the hub, and you will just be required to modify your settings for your total home control.

Its installation requires a router connected to the internet and an Ethernet port readily provided with the device. It also needs the free SmartThings app for Android (4.0 or later), or iOS (8.1 or later), or Windows Phone (8.1 or later)


As explained above, it is easy to install and comes with a free app for remote control. It is a nice, clean, minimalistic device that flawlessly fits in your “smart home”. It comes with a well designed, the modern web interface that is very easy for you to use. It also supports a variety of Smartphone applications and has a low price tag.

Features oSamsung SmartThings Hub 2f Samsung SmartThings Hub

The device supports Z-Wave, ZigBee, and WiFi devices. You will also access a free app that will help you monitor all your smart appliances remotely. The package comes with an in-wall power adapter with backup power. The hub comes with 4 AA batteries that can last for about 10 hours if your device is unplugged or if there is a power outage. It also has a wide range of operating temperature ranging from 41-95 degrees Farenheight.

This product measures 4.2 X 4.9 X 1.3 inches and weighs i.6 pounds. It goes for $99.00 on Amazon. Therefore, with the above device, you can connect multiple devices such as smart lights, cameras, locks, sensors and many and control them from everywhere you go.…

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Flexibility of Virtual PABX and VoIP Technology

If you have been working for a company for over ten years, you may have seen your telephone operator a few times. They use a unit that looks like a desk phone but with many other buttons to connect incoming and outgoing calls to extensions within the company. What you may or may not know is that there is a rather big piece of equipment referred to as the PABX that does all the work in the background.

What is a PABX?PABX

The device is a complex electronic circuit which allows the switching os lines and forwarding calls from the trunk line to the appropriate extension. They are rather bulky depending on the number of lines and some of them in large companies will take up a room. However, with the advancement of technology and the internet cloud system PBX Services are becoming freely available to companies minus the big equipment that was needed in the past.

Virtual PABX

What this means is that you can have the same functionality and features of a system without having the big device in your office. It is made possible by intelligent software that runs on a could server. All you need is a good internet connection with desktop phones that are capable of handling VoIP technology.


This technology is growing in popularity because it is cheaper to make an international call and sometimes even local calls at a much lower cost. Your VoIP capable phone will convert your voice which is an analog signal into digital and transfer it through the internet to the other party which is when the signal will switch back to analog, and the other party will be able to hear what you are saying.

There are many benefits associated with using this technology, and it will probably be the norm in the years to come. Let us take a look at these advantages.


VoIP calls are significantly cheaper than a regular voice call as they use the internet. Because internet connectivity speeds are always growing, they provide quality calls that are crystal clear at a fraction of the cost.

cup and cableMobile friendly

When you have this technology in your company, you can actually make your smartphone an extension and your telephone operator and connect the calls direct to your mobile. In this way, you will never miss a call again.


Having a virtual PBX will also give you the flexibility to increase the number of extensions whenever you want, and you will not have to bother about maintenance anymore.…

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Low Cost GoDaddy Hosting Coupon

Most times those looking to create their web page with a unique domain name face a little tight when searching a web hosting provider fitting for them. One such provider that presents superior cheap rates is GoDaddy offering the godaddy hosting coupons to clients. Different providers charge a high price for domain names and other help they give to their clients, which are usually inadequate.

Facts about GoDaddy hosting coupon

GoDaddy is recognized as the best hosting company across the world. Not just the technology, the company also offers different prices on its hosting plans like no other. GoDaddy also offers discount coupons for their services that can help you save good money.GoDaddy

These hosting coupons can be used at any time saving your dollars big time. Some coupons do carry expiry dates, though, while some do not. These discount coupons would vary as per the time of your hosting. You can perhaps avail a discount of up to 20% if you host for a year for bulk orders. Hosting for a year can fetch you savings of six dollars to 50 dollars. Such large-sized orders can offer you much bigger savings.

While Godaddy discount coupons offer you greater savings on bulk purchases, you can also benefit price-wise in small purchases. For start-ups, you can register a domain with the company for less than two dollars, and once you start running your website, you can avail various benefits for enhancing your business.

Whenever you use Microsoft AdCentre, Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, you shall be credited. If you use SSL certificates, the cost for the domain will go down by 50%.

Hosting coupons

The GoDaddy HGoDaddy logoosting Coupons are also popular for domain registrar and hosting provider. The company has been acknowledged with many accolades; the best of them being the best overall registrar. Businesspeople can avail the benefits of such saving offers for bulk domain registrations as well as big eCommerce packages.

The hosting coupons can be availed by any webmaster, from beginners to advanced level web owners as well as businesses. Each single plan of GoDaddy is accompanied with a guarantee of constant monitoring, security and maintenance that has effectively made GoDaddy a very credible and one of the best suppliers in the hosting industry today.

If you are likely to create a site of your own, or you’ve as of now got a site and attempted to extend your online business, Godaddy’s fitting help couldn’t be better. While the greatest area registers and facilitating supplier, Godaddy gives various administrations to help you work your website with or without past web experience.…

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The Review

MSpy is tracking software that can be used to track and monitor mobile phones. The software and highster mobile app is also available for all popular mobile OS platforms such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Nokia. Once it’s installed, the app monitors and record phone activities such as calls, messages, internet browsing, current location and some app usage such as Whatsapp.

Main Features of mSpy

There are several great features that we can’t miss to mention in omSpyur review. One of the greatest advantages this app has over another phone software available in the market is the ability to record information and release it to an online website where it can be accessed with your account.

To enjoy all features of mSpy, all you need to do is to install the app on a device that you want to spy and all information will be anomalously send to your online mSpy account, where you will be able to access it.

What does mspy do?

1. Tracking calls history

The mSpy app will record call history of both outgoing and incoming calls, calls time, place and even the length of the calls. Besides these capabilities, the app also records all the numbers and the contact names respectively.

2. Track location over GPS

This software can track someone current location at different time intervals. With the location information, you will be able to learn more about the movement habits of the person that you are spying.

3. View photos and videos

The mSpy app allows one to retrieve videos and pictures that have been captured with the device. The app gathers all the content and uploads it to your online account where you can easily access it.

4. Records key logs

One of the greusing mSpyatest features that have made mSpy to receive great reviews is the ability of the app to record and capture typed text. This feature will enable you to collect details such as messages, search phrases, passwords and any other data that is typed using the type pad. However, this feature is only available for Android devices.

Other features offered by mSpy include website blocking, incoming call restriction, phone locking, wiping phone data and deleting the app through you online account.

Well, the above review describes more benefits than the disadvantages of using the mobile app. If you are looking for a reliable monitoring software that can monitor device anomalously, consider having the mSpy app.…

Tips On How to Choose Your Ideal ICT Partner

ICT stands for Information & Communications Technology. In fact, it is an amalgamation of various technologies into a single system where they can collaborate with each other. This includes integration of different services and devices that can be woven into a single network. Usually, it includes telecommunications (wireless signals and telephone lines), computing devices, and the required software. Other required things include firewalls, anti-virus, storage, audiovisual, and much more.Idea

When choosing your ICT partner, you need to select a company that can match your needs. In this way, you are sure to well in your business. There are some factors you need to consider. In this article, you will learn how to choose your ideal ICT partner:

How to choose your ideal ICT partner?

Excellent track record

We are living in the internet era. Thus, a lot of things have evolved quite fast. On some part, the world has become a global village. However, there are challenges facing companies as far as technical advancements are concerned.

Each day, there are ICT companies that are formed in the corner of each city. It is important to hire a partner that is established in this sector. However, this can be quite expensive. On the other hand, hiring a start-up company can become very risky. Thus, you need to be very careful as your business success relies on hiring the ideal partner that can manage and integrate your business systems.

You can judge a good company by looking at its clients and solutions they are offering. Testimonials and reviews should not take you on their website. Try to contact the client and get first-hand information. They can offer you true feedback.

Quality standards

In this case, you need to check for ISO and many other quality standards, ISOwhich the provider follows. If you find these quality standards to be quite poor, then your communication network is likely to face several threats. In fact, there is a threat of virus attacks, invasions, and even the data, which is stored in servers getting compromised. For instance, if you are operating an e-commerce company, the credit card information of your customers may be stolen.

Choose IT company that maintains your servers as required. This is to ensure the security of your data and the information is secure. As the number of customers continues to increase, you need ample assessment on vulnerability.


The right partner should integrate all your systems. Moreover, the company should create a platform for the functioning of systems. This can reduce your equipment and infrastructure costs.…

The Top Tips For Buying Copy Machines

It is necessary to purchase high-quality copy machines, which fulfill your office requirements. Unfortunately, you can be misled by new models and think that highly-priced devices provide better performance as compared to cheaper ones. This guide is meant to help you navigate through the world of copiers.

Tips for buying copy machines


In this case, volume means the number of pages a copier can produce each month. You should note that copiers are classified into various groups such as home office or small office for occasional use, high volume, mid volume, and low volume. There are also copiers used for professional printing. You should note that these machines can connect to several computers. This allows them to respond to faxing, printing, and scanning needs of your group.

Scanning features

When a photocopier is connected to several multi-functional devices, you need a quality scanner to enable you to send your scans to email or computer. It is an amazing feature for people that are in an office setting. Do you need a scanning for daily operations? You need to check this important feature.


This has some similarity to volume. In this case, speed implies the number of pages, which can be processed in a single sitting. Before buying a copier, you need to understand this important feature to ensure you select one that suits your needs and it is sufficient for your operations.

Extra benefits and features

Nowadays, there are several features, which have been added to modern copiers, which you may not even need. In fact, they are only meant to make the unit appear of high quality and fancy. You should buy some with extra applications, which improve the printing experiences such as document editing, accessibility programs, and workflow solutions. These enable the printer, scanner, copier, and other devices to be controlled by a mobile device.


This is the Copy Machinescompany that makes the device. You should avoid being caught up with how a popular a brand is. Ensure you are buying from a legitimate manufacturer that has a good reputation. Also, ensure they offer inspection and customer service in case something goes wrong, you need the support.

Purchasing options

When you purchase the machine, look at the various payment options they provide. Ensure you keep track of the transactions as they are important in future.


It is important to buy good copier. You can find some that are cheaper while others are quite expensive. In fact, you can find some machines not worth their value. The above are some proven tips for buying copy machines.…